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Monday, January 23, 2006

(Ebay) Success at last!

After spending tons o'dough buying things from the most addictive Ebay, I had decided to take a stand. NO MORE EBAY! I found myself bidding on (and winning) tons of useless items that while cute, I have no room for in my wee apartment. (and when they arrive the hub asks the ever annoying questions "whats that?" "how much did you spend on that?" and "Why the heck did you think we needed that?") So after a three month long hiatus from Ebay, I decided last week that I should start selling some of the aforementioned useless items that have taken up residence with us. I started with a stuffed Oscar the Grouch from Dave and Busters. The kicker to this is that I think the hub and I spent like $50 buying tickets to play skeeball, so essentially this Oscar cost us a ton of dough, but...had to get start somewhere. Long story short, I sold him for $7.00! hurray....but as I was online playing with the selling account...I spent like $25 on craft supplies from Ebay. CURSES foiled again. But its my new plan to start selling the junk thats lying around our apartment. Various old Dvds, Books etc. I am wondering if the Hub might start parting with items from his collection of Eagles paraphernalia...

I have minimal self control with money, and I think the appeal with Ebay is that in my naieve Canadian mind, its like gambling to me. I dont go to the casinos, but I will admit to the quick rush/thrill when I bid on something. That seems really sad doesnt it? Apparently I need more adventure in my life if that is what is giving me a little thrill.


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