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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Morning After Pill, Sly Stallone and other gems

Ok, they make a morning after pill for those pesky unwanted pregnancies, but why dont they make one for those other pesky morning after issues...for instance, last night I got high and ate WAY too much Chinese food. Woke up this morning with the same feeling of regret and angst as I feel would warrant a morning after pill...one to ease my pain and suffering and make me not have to worry about the concequences of my stupidity. (ie. Spending all day cursing my unmitigated eating habits, going to the bathroom 400 times, and the general malaise and nausea that accompanies that) Who's with me?
Last night I met up with the Hub and one of his friends at Irish Pub (a bar on 20th and Walnut) on the way there I noticed a camera crew, and TONS of people. I had stumbled on to the location of the next scene shoot for Rocky 6!! So I stood around looking extra pretty and willing some casting director to walk by and cast me as the gorgeous yet troubled female lead in the movie...alas..no one noticed me....other than the homeless guy who wanted cashola. Such is my life. *insert dramatic sigh here*
Today I started studying for my GMAT...and shortly thereafter I started wondering why I thought I was able to write the GMAT. I have a clear memory sometime around Grade 11 when I said "Math is stupid and I hate it and I will never ever use it again, so no, I am not taking it next year" so I didn't....and now its coming back to bite me in the ass. I was doing the practice tests and quelle surprise!... I can't even remember how to do percentages or basic geometry. By some crazy twist of fate I recalled the Pythagorean Theorm and therefore got one question right...but my final score was 12/37 for the math part. Budding Business School success story I am not. But I have piqued my sense of adventure and reinvigorated my love of failure, so onwards and upwards.


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