We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blessings/Star gazings

I don’t know why the comment someone left for yesterday’s post is bugging me so much. I really am (usually) an optimistic person. I try to find the good in both people and situations. I am a really happy, nice, kind and friendly person. I just have happened to be in a bit of a funk lately. I miss my Dad a lot. It’s making me really depressed sometimes but I still feel like I am dealing pretty well for the situation I am in. And while I have been more stuck in my surroundings of the gutter as of late, there have been many blessings in my life which I will recount here…I am looking at the stars still whenever I can.

1) Two of my close girlfriends have had healthy babies in the past month. Tara and her husband welcomed little Sophie on November 27th. Nicole and her husband became proud parents of a little boy last night. Both babies are healthy; ten fingers ten toes, and “perfect” is the consensus so far.

2) My cousin and his wife are having a baby in March. Her pregnancy so far has been smooth and uneventful; she felt the first kicks this past weekend

3) My mother has learned how to take care of my Dad’s business in a relatively short amount of time. She is pressing on through her grief to get all the lose ends tied up with his car business so they can try to sell the lot at the beginning of the year

4) I have an amazing supportive, loving, caring and sweet husband. He makes me dinner, helps motivate me to exercise and encourages me in all my ventures. He knows just when I need a cuddle and just when I need a smooch. He has honed his skills at reading all my facial expressions and noises so he just gets up and gets me a drink sometimes just cause "I could tell you were thirsty" Love sweet love.

5) My grandparents who are now 90 and 85 have been healthy this year and are living near my Mum to help provide her with the love and support she needs.

6) My brother Elliott surprised himself with his capabilities this year. He took off on his own and headed to Australia for a Degree exchange program. He called yesterday to let me know that he passed with all A’s and now had a Degree in international business from the University of Western Sydney.

7) My youngest brother Taylor is finally learning the value of hard with and what he is really capable of. After taking the scenic route through college, he is busting his butt working two jobs and finishing up school this semester. He finally seems a little sure of himself.

8) I found a hobby that I absolutely love and take great joy in. I have parlayed it into a small side business that I hope to increase in the coming months.

9) I have an amazing best friend. We can go for weeks without talking but I know that no matter when I call her or what I need she would be there in a minute. I know she feels the same way about me. That is extremely comforting.

10) I have come to a better place within my job. My crappy boss left and my coworker and friend has taken over her position. He really deserved it and has so far been managing our department in such a way that we are all much, much happier. I just moved to a new cubicle with a window seat…it’s the next best thing to being outside all day.
11) I have great friends. My friend Liz is always available to talk to online (we are at work the same hours) She always knows how to make me feel better and can talk me down from the insanity that is my inner monologue. We have both been growing together this year as we try to better ourselves and leave behind our insecurities

12) I just got off the phone with my grandmother who just told me that she decided to give the grandchildren part of her inheritance now. So I can get out of debt and have some savings. Excellent.

13) The Drycleaners found my dress. Apparently the tag fell off the bag or something so when I went in yesterday we had to watch the entire rack of clothes go around, but hallelujah! We found it!

14) I have pretty good health. (as I knock on wood) I haven’t had any bad colds yet this year and with the exercising that I have been doing I may be able to try to keep illness at bay.

…this is all for now as I really have to get back to work…which is another blessing as I am employed by a company, I have health insurance and I get a really good amount of days off a year.


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