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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Things I like about this morning:
-Hub had to work same time as me close to my office so we got up together, he made me breakfast and we walked to work together
-Hub is working a gum promotion so I got a pile of free gum
-still basking in the post-successful Meatloaf glow

Things I don’t like about this morning:
-the button (that has been hanging by a thread all summer) on my pants just fell off in the bathroom, this is a two-fold not liking situation 1) it touched the office bathroom floor and 2)now my pants are sort of falling down
-my coworker who is supposed to be helping me with this project is working from home today. This normally wouldn’t be an issue but when he “works from home” he does things like grocery shopping and errand running. Which leaves me kinda stranded in the help department.

Things I like about this afternoon:
-Went to the GAP at lunch and the cute little sweater vest that I had been eyeing up that was $38 last week was on sale for $19! Although its in a L and I could have done with a M I think I am gona make this work cause its so freaking cute. Just will wear over top of a white button up shirt
-Following the GAP I headed to Subway. Ordered a 6” turkey sandwich. Apparently on Wednesdays they have a special on turkey sammies…was only $2.49! YAY

Things I don’t like about this afternoon:
-So far, nothing J

Things I hate--"making copies" for 2 hours...bah


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