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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The curious incident of Hilary Duff in the nighttime...

Friday morning when my department all got into work we found paper on our chairs, or stuffed under our doors. These documents were not the usual reminders or paperwork that can be usually found left out for you. It was actually a photo of miss Hilary Duff along with her bio. Odd? Yes, especially for an office building. So far no one has copped to putting the papers out but more importantly, we are curious as to why...? It is now one of life's random mysteries. But my piece of her biography contained a lovely quote:

"I love clothes. I can't control myself. I have a huge fetish for shoes and clothes and makeup. I'm the kind of person who doesn;t like to wear things over and over again." --Miss Hilary Duff

I just feel like that makes her sound even more lame and obnoxious than I had thought. That's lovely that you don't like to wear the same thing. Good thing you have a ton of money then. Man what a tool. I don't usually display any outward aggression towards "tweener" stars, but she is now on my "idiot celebrities" list. Fascinating yes I know.

Other than that not much else has been up with me. Summer is winding down, my boss left (thank heavens) and I am just plugging away here. My Hub had a sweet job interview yesterday that he is really excited about and I am hoping that he gets this as that would just be so awesome for him. It's actually a job he really likes the look of and is excited about. How often does that happen?


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