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Friday, July 07, 2006

Today is all about

Waking up and reading on MSN that an American was paralyzed during the running of the bulls...then frantically worrying it was my crazy brother in law (who was running with said bulls) followed by intense relief to realize it was some other unfortunate American.

Singing the Praises of Summer hours. For some fabulous reason, my work lets us out at 3pm on Fridays from Memorial Day weekend on...it is a glorious thing that makes the weekend just a wee bit longer. This is nice cause tonight it will give me time to nap and shower before we head out for our annual trip to the Phillies Fireworks game.

Starting to stress....Hub is throwing a party for work next Friday and there is still so much do to and I have no idea when it will all get done. I am trying to be positive and helpful but I am worrying that there is more bitten off that can be chewed (or some other as visual analogy) He still gets stressy and panicy when he has too much on his plate and there is a lot to do. Plus next Wed (two days before his party) is my birthday and I am just worried that it will get glossed over as he will be in a bad mood and freaking out about getting everything else finished on time.


  • Happy almost birthday!!!! Summer is wonderful. How great that you get to leave at 3 on Fridays. It really does make life that much better.

    By Blogger Clearlykels, At July 11, 2006 12:42 PM  

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