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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

some stuff

Ironing: Why are mens dress shirts so hard to iron? I tried to be all cool and wife-like and get Hubs shirt all ready for him for a wedding this Saturday but I was having a hard time. I will admit to not ironing all that often, but I thought I could handle it. Not so. I was ironing more wrinkles into the shirt then were in there originally! Mur. Needless to say I busted out my trusty wrinkle releaser spray and went to town. It was an improvement, but does anyone have a tip on how to better iron boy shirts?

An update on the bug situation in our apt: Last night I was minding my own business up in our room when I noticed something odd looking on the floor…upon closer inspection it was discovered that a 2” long cockroach was just chilling on the floor. (*insert barf face here*) Hub the bug slayer bravely came upstairs and squished it with his sneaker. I love that man.

Work update: My boss called us all into the war room (our lame name for the big empty office in our dept) and announced to us all that she has resigned. Her last day is in a month. I am not sure how I feel about it as I have been bitching about her managerial skills for the past few months (at least) but I got to thinking, ‘what if the next person is worse?!’ or what if I lose my job. I am realizing that it’s not as easy to find a job as my naïve self had previously thought. I think it will be a good thing for this department as I won’t be in as big of a hurry to leave if things work out with a better boss. I know I am always complaining about work, but maybe with a different manager I might care more…

Busy Busy: Last night we went and watched the Phillies beat the Yankees (finally man!) As much as I am not a sports fan, I do enjoy being out in the nice weather with the family. And I got to have an exciting discussion with my mother in law about the prices of MAC makeup brushes during some slow innings…Tonight is Bruce Springsteen (I TOTALLY love him, sooo sexy with a super hot awesome voice) and then Friday is Journey/Def Leopard. Yeee haw talk about the fun week.


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