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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am a Human Pretzel

MK and I went to our first yoga class yesterday after work. The beginning was amazing, I actually felt myself relaxing and letting go, but as we started on some of our sun salutations things changed. I had to rent a mat as I didn’t own one and as my face got closer to the mat I realized that it stunk. (other peoples Yoga sweat ewwww) And I also realized how much one does sweat in this class so since they only wash them three times a week I was likely pretty gross. I was nervous getting out of bed this morning about how badly my muscles would be aching, but I’ll admit, I am pleasantly surprised. They are sore, but not killing as badly as when I did the belly dancing class. I actually feel really good—I am even looking forward to going again! The only trouble I had was with my allergies those cleansing breaths were impossible. My nose was so blocked when I was in most of the positions I had to mouth breathe! But I am sure it didn’t make a real difference. And I am attributing my Yogaing to my new self control that I uncovered this afternoon…I was heading to the vending machine for some cookies when I said “I don’t really need a cookie” and just came back to my desk. That is unheard of! (well for me at least) With how anxious and spazzy I get I think learning how to relax while getting some good exercise in will be perfect for me.


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