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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thoughts from today

There is a moth that is living on the wall in the hall outside of my apartment. This is a huge moth, like, uncalled for big. And it just sits and waits. Hub thinks I am being silly as I tell him not to make eye contact with it…I think sitting up there plotting; waiting for us to leave the door open long enough and then it’s going to swoop down and come into our apartment. Either that or it’s preparing to give birth to a colony of humongous moth babies that will swoop down and take over our apartment. I have christened it “Mothra”. And if I am never heard from again please come rescue me from the moth invasion.
(*did I mention that I like Drama?*)

Of all the obstacles in a relationship I am finding the body temperature regulation to be the most difficult. I am always cold. My feet are freezing, my nose is chilled and I just so very much need a hoodie…Hub on the other hand is always hot. He is hot outside in March in Shorts and a T-shirt. He has been near death for the past two months waiting for our building to switch to A/C…he went out and even bought and installed screens on our windows (This is a huge thing as he isn’t all that handy and often jokingly states “hun I’m a Jew, we pay people to do these things for us”) So he is currently in heaven with the windows open and the A/C on (we don’t pay for the AC that’s why the windows are open as well) So I wake up Monday morning, put on my robe, keep a quilt with me, get my slippers on and trudge downstairs to read the thermostat…its 60 degrees in my apartment! I am freezing to death in the spring, help me people. I know he doesn’t mean to be freezing me out of house and home, but I have taken to wearing my blanket around the house draped over my shoulders. I don’t remember it being quite this bad last summer although this has plagued us through the course of our relationship…what to do what to do?

The best $3.99 I have spent in a while was putting 20Q on my cell phone. When work is driving me crazy and I just want to run away, I lock myself in a stall, put my phone on silent and try to stump the computer with my Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, or Other. I am surprised at how often this thing is right…I don’t understand the Algorithms behind it at all, but it seems enough like magic to keep me trying to get it. Whatever gets you through the day!


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