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Monday, April 10, 2006

Today is all about....

There are times in every relationship when bickering takes over. I find it only lasts a day or two at a time, but it sure is frustrating. Fleeting thoughts enter my mind of how nice and quiet it was when I lived alone…and how never had to steal back the covers at 3am. Then the hub tends to provide an unintentional grand gesture and I remember just why I never want to be without him again.
While driving to a wedding reception this weekend I lamented that I neglected to bring a hair elastic and would get very hot and sweaty with my hair down for the dance marathon I was planning. My beloved reached into his wallet and pulled out a hair elastic. “Oh hun, I keep one of these in my wallet for just such emergencies” Miracle man. Its not that I need grand gestures to remind me why I love him, but I think I stop being so grumpy when I realize just how much he does love me. The man who returns home from the grocery store with 4 boxes of Tampons because me writing “tampons” on the grocery list isn’t specific enough and he wants to make sure that I have whatever I may need. The (Jewish) man who decorated our entire apartment to look like Christmas in a valiant attempt to cheer me up since we were unable to go home for Christmas last year (due to Immigration). The man who makes me healthy lunches, holds my hand when I cry watching Cold Case Files, makes me hot water bottles when I have cramps, cleans the bathrooms, and (even though he hates them) kills cockroaches and carious other bugs so I dont get freaked out.
As much as he can drive me nutty sometimes with the day to day things, he really is just so thoughtful. He comes out with things that I used to dream that my dream man would do for me. That hair band incident really pushed it over the edge and I felt I needed to share with the blogging community (or the1 person who reads my blog).


  • You are my princess and every single thing I do for you is because I love you to pieces. I'm happy the hairband and tampons make you so happy. I love you.

    By Anonymous Your Hubby, At April 18, 2006 12:36 AM  

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