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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The lost art of the Eskimo kiss

During week one of dating bliss with the hub (before he was the hub) the worst thing I could imagine occured--the appearance of the dreaded cold sore. Thats right I have mouth herpes, who lay dormant for months and months at a time until something awesome happens like the first weekend after starting dating a hottie. There is nothing on the planet that makes me feel less sexy than having a disgusting blister on my otherwise sassy lips. I didn't even want to go over to his apartment after work for I felt that I hadn't known me long enough to let my awesome beauty surpass this temporary disfigurement. But, I was addicted...to his smile, to being in his presence so I went anyway. After shying away from our greeting kiss I explained the situation, and hub went straight to the computer. As I sat alone on the couch I thought that maybe he was grossed out and didnt want to hang out (yes am a drama queen) After ten minutes I inquired about what he was doing "I am just looking online to see if there is anyway I can kiss you" I think my heart melted at that exact moment. He soon realized that there was no way around it without risk to himself...so instead he came and sat next to me, and proceeded to eskimo kiss me :) I dont think I have done that in years...my Mum used to do that when tucking me in as a kid, but I had never done it with a boy....If you havent tried it lately bust it out, its really fun to do and kinda silly.


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