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Thursday, March 02, 2006

While the Hub's away, this Wife will play

Sounds exciting doesn’t it…I didn’t play at anything sordid or naughty so don’t fret. Actually had a pretty nice little evening (said in Will Ferrell voice from Old School) Tried to hook up sexy single coworker friend with Hubs dashing also single best friend. She was over for a PJ party/TV fest and I invited my neighbor (Hubs BFF) to come hang too—I am so slick as I casually brought up their mutual love of the Phillies. Matchmaker I am not, but I like to pretend I am anyway…we’ll see what comes of that. (Likely not with my track record of hooking people up)

The Hub has been in Spain for the past few days visiting BIL (brother in law) and while they are off having their adventures I am having some of my own. None of the globetrotting variety, but adventures nonetheless. I am playing a fabulous game called “remember when I was single?” I come home from work, tidy up, putter around, work on my various crafts (oh yes I am a regular budding Martha Stewart over here) I have been watching less TV and just enjoying the silence. I am falling asleep after writing in my journal and reading instead of absorbing through osmosis what’s happening on Sports Centre.

I even painted my finger nails a delightful colour of "iced mocha" last night—I always forget that I should do my toes first so I don’t wreck my fingernails, so alas my toes are currently a chipped deep plum from a pedicure many moons ago…thank goodness its winter so no one can see how I clash J

While reveling in said alone time, there are things that I am remembering that I didn’t cherish about being single. I miss being the little spoon in the spooning equation. I have no one to warm my ice feet against when I get back into bed after a midnight bathroom run. No one else is there to do the dishes, kill bugs or watch American Idol with.

I am enjoying this time to myself, its nice to just get to do whatever you want and not have to share your downtime with anyone else, but I think that I will have all my "me" time out of my system by the time he is home. ...until he goes away again ;)


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