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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jealousy thy name is big sister

So I wake up the other morning to find this a pic like this in my inbox (the actual one is too big to put on here and for the life of me I cant resize it...but I digress) My younger bro is living la vida loca currently in Sydney Australia. He just finished College and has moved to Aus for a year to do a degree program with the University of Western Sydney. While reading his adventure-filled email, I started feeling intense shooting pains to my gut (first thought = indigestion...soon fully diagnosed as unparalleled envy.) He has worked really hard to finish school and I know that this adventure is going to be very good for him (first time away from home) But this is also piquing my wanderlust. See, I was born under a travelling star and while I love to have a home and nest, I constantly look to plan my next trip and adventure. His trip to locals exotic and far away are making me feel even more trapped in my life. A job I hate...and now that I am married, decisions to just pack up and move can no longer be made without serious consideration. My new plan is to try to save up my days off and go visit in the fall, but if work and finances keep up this way it doesnt look possible. I never thought that my life would turn out this way...I am happy as can be, but I always thought I would travel around for a few years and have more adventures, not be tied to a desk job by 25. Urgh, just need to vent to an imagined sympathetic audience.


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