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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And today is the start of the NAACP tournament...

The poor hub. He must have known when he married me that I never have been a sporty kind of girl. I would have told you years ago that I would rather get my legs waxed than watch any sort of sports on television. I would love to watch my friends play hockey or even revel in the action at an arena/baseball stadium, but watching it on TV? And basketball for sure...definately NOT. Now when I got married I could see what I was getting myself into. My husband bleeds green for the Philadelphia Eagles and their loss in the superbowl last year damn near killed him..have you seen someone you love near death from sports team induced heartbreak? There was nothing I could do to cheer him up, poor kid. But this, this is something I never ever knew to expect. In Canada, where Stargazer hails from, there is no such thing as college sports. Sure kids in college play sports, but no one aside from parents and adoring girlfriends care. In the good old US of A, College sports and more specifically college basketball has a huge following. (if you are reading this and youre from the states this is a totally redundant statement)

The hub's eyes light up at the mention of March Madness and Villanova the way mine do about Christmas and Loehmanns. So I decided that I can do this. I can learn about something that is so important to him, as he is supportive about taking me shopping and listening to me talk about shoes etc...so I try. I watch Villanova with hub and FIL (father in law) all season long. I am about to die of heart palpitations as I watch FIL pace back and forth in front of the TV cheering on his guys. If I tune out for a minute I will be jarred back to the game by the hub screaming "come on Nardi" and going on and on about how Allen Ray wasnt on some list that Dick Vitale made. (I get lost in the details there). They both know EVERYTHING about Villanova and more that I can possibly imagine about all the other teams out there. We watch a fair amount of SportsCenter (which is a fair trade off for my weekly fixes of The OC and so on) and I have been learning more and more about all the different teams and what the Big East tournament is. I do have to share my crowning achievement with all of you tho. Just when I started feeling really good about myself and how much I have learned about sports, I tried to impress hub with my knowledge. As he was explaining to me about what comes after the Big East tournament (which nova lost..booo!) I proudly interjected "yes hunny I know its the NAACP tournament" He gazed upon me with a look of such love and caring, before laughing to himself..."oh hunny, I am sure that the national association for the advancement of coloured people would be so happy to hear you say that". What?! A girl can get confused with all these abbreviations getting thrown around! While I have come along way in my sports understanding and appreciation, this just goes to show that maybe I haven't changed that much after all...


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