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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dream interpretations...coming true?

Ok, so on Monday night I had a gross dream about cockroaches. sick right? Tuesday morning Hub calls me at work to tell me he killed a cockroach in our bedroom...double sick. Prior to hearing that there were real cockroaches, I checked out a dream interpretation website that said that dreaming of cockroaches and various other bugs has to do with anxiety in your life/job, not being happy..ding ding! not happy with job table of one right here....so last night I had a dream that all my teeth were falling out. all were loose and I kept playing with them like when youre a kid and you twist them around and around just waiting for them to fall out...but I digress. So this morning I checked the same dream site and it told me that those dreams can relate to money (ie. as a kid a loose tooth means moolah from the toothfairy) And I have now interpreted this dream to mean that I am going to win the lotto tonight...will be writing further posts from my sweet ass cabana in Hawaii or something. Just hoping that not like the roach dream that a tooth will actually fall out...sheesh.


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