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Monday, April 17, 2006

Its just that time I guess

I am finally getting used to feeling a bit more grownup at times. I am at the age where many of my friends are married, or at least at that place in their lives where they are settling down and becoming more domesticated. However, a new plateau was reached this past Sunday with some news from across the pond. One of my oldest and dearest sent me the "we are pregnant" email! I knew that she and her husband had been trying since December, but it was an abstract thought...just passing through my mind. Why am I in so much shock about this idea? This is the first one of my close friends to be pregnant. This is the sort of thing we used to "plan" as 8 year olds. How we would live in houses next to each other and have babies at the same time and hang out and do grownup things like drink coffee. Its still an abstract thought to a point I guess as I havent seen her in two years, and I think I need to see her tummy to believe it. I think the main thing that seems crazy for me is that she is going to be a Mum. I think I feel so far removed from being ready to be a mum that I just cant believe that someone else my age is ready. I am already excited to be Auntie Stargazer and spoil this baby rotten from afar. I just cant believe its that time already, the time when the center of the universe is no longer within us, but within someone else!


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