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Friday, June 09, 2006

Home for a rest

Went to Canada for Memorial day and while procrastinating at lunch today finally got around to uploading my pics! Liz and I had a photo date that consisted of driving around in her sweet ride, watching the sunset, taking many pictures, followed by dinner at East Side Marios. What could be better I ask you? Aside from getting the worst allergies in two years I had a nice time at home. There is something so relaxing about just hanging out and having my Mum take care of me. Work has been going down the toilet, and I so needed a rest. Waking up Saturday morning to buttermilk pancakes and strawberries really did it for me. I missed the Hub, but it was nice to be home! I shouldn't call it home cause Philly is home now...is it possible to have two "homes"?The pic I posted is of a sunset over Georgian Bay. It makes me feel Home Sweet Home.


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