We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars

Friday, June 16, 2006

Brief Streams of consciousness

Every time I walk past a For Sale sign I get butterflies in my stomach homeownership is just out of my grasp for now but I can still look and daydream of the day when something little will be ours we can paint and not worry about redoing it when the lease is up there could be a dog or really just whatever I want maybe a garden gnome everyone needs one of those don’t they

My mind cannot stand still from the hours of 8 to 5 never resting never lingering it just goes and goes thus making for a difficult work environment this is new for me is it adult ADD or just that I cannot stand working here any longer that my brains defense mechanism is to block it out with as much external stimuli as possible

Last night I went for 1 drink with hub and his coworkers which lead to more than 1 drink as if often does we played quizzo and just were not able to win any of the rounds but I got a few answers right which made me happy through a wine induced fog my useless trivia knowledge comes in to play 10:30 walking home from Irish Pub a woman ran past wearing a blue bridesmaid dress and Nikes running running running how strange several feet up more and more people run past in snazzy outfits tuxes suits prom dresses running running running through Rittenhouse and I wish that I was a part of that cause it looked fun drunkenly cheering them on was the way to do my part Nice Skirt was yelled to a man in a kilt Hub laughed but the man thanked me as he jogged past on to Rittenhouse market as I was on a quest for ice cream now alas Ben and Jerry’s mint cookie was not to be found, but some chunky monkey was enjoyed falling asleep while cheering a tivoed soccer game for victory to England


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