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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dear Random Bug

Dear Random Bug,

Hello, you have been having a bit of a feast on my right leg this weekend and we need to talk. I think it is tres rude to just start chomping on someone before you make their acquaintance...I didn't even know you were living in my apartment...what gives? When did you move in? And most importantly what/where are you? The enormous welts on my leg are unsightly and itchy. This a pain in the ass as it is summer time and i want to bare my albino legs to the world and you have just made this all the more difficult. Also, as much as I hate mosquitos, I hate spiders and various other bugs more. So if you aren't going to make your presence known, maybe you can just leave some more indication of what kind of bug you are. Also you are more than welcome to move along to a new residence because if I find you I am going to have the Hub squish you.




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