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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hating on Ebay, the gimmie gimmies and more

Hating on Ebay:
Friends of mine sell their lives on Ebay. They are consistently telling me how much money they are making by selling their old shit on Ebay. Whenever we hang out they are constantly checking the status of the items that they have sold, and planning what else they could sell. They even pick things up at Garage sales to sell on Ebay. Recently I though, "hey, I could get into this racket" so I bought two baby onesies from Gap for $4.00 to try to sell on line as well as various other items that were lying around the house/in my closet not being used. Today was the deadline for my items and I ONLY SOLD ONE THING. And it was for the original super low listing price. Dammit. I didn't think that I would make a fortune, but why was it that our friends (who already have more money than we do) seem to make out so well at this. (Green eyed monster talking there my bad...) So I decided that I now hate Ebay, I am going to go about this the old fashioned way--Have a garage sale. Whoopdy do. Maybe I will make a few bucks at least. We sure do have a lot of junk thats for sure.

The Gimmie Gimmies:
I guess this can relate to the green eyed monster who made a recent appearance re. Ebay, but I want things. I am trying hard to be good and to save money and not buy junk, but lately I feel like I have a case of the gimmie gimmies (I feel like that was a title to a Berenstain bear book from when I was little) I want cool new clothes, I want make up, I want new shoes, I want to get my hair done, I want to just buy things. Why is that? I think its cause for once in my life I am actually paying attention to my finances, but I am also at a transitional phase where a lot of the clothing I own is getting kind of young for me. I want more "grownup", "trendy" and "kickass" kinds of clothes, and maybe less of the Tank top and zip up hoodie look. Hub recently went through this phase and now has a bunch of cute collared shirts, dressy T-shirts etc. And I want some tooooooo. Which I guess doesnt make me sound like I have the gimmie gimmies, but I also want a new camera, a dog, a house, to travel...so come on, gimme gimme gimme.

New Sandwich:
At the Elvis celebration the other week we started talking about Elvis myths and lore, and someone brought up that his favourite sandwich was deepfriend peanut butter and banana (I have not substantiated this fact FYI). The Hub said "you know what would be good? If I made you peanut butter and banana sandwich the way I make you grilled cheese." I have to say that this piqued my interest as Hub makes the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. Honestly they are that good. So I got a bit excited as I am also a huge peanutbutter fan. So needless to say this was an exciting prospect. The next morning Hub made me one for breakfast--let me tell you, heaven. If anyone is in the market for a new sandwich this is it. The peanut butter was awesome and all warm and gooey and delish. Two thumbs up.

Prison Break:
We have a new habit as of late of renting entire seasons of TV shows on DVD to watch. I highly recommend doing this. We watched Season 1 of Lost like this, The first two seasons of the 4400, and we just rented Prison Break to start last night. Aside from Wentworth Miller being a sexy sexy bitch, the plot was amazing. He is like a hot, younger, jailed Maguyver. I am already loving (by episode 2) seeing how things are coming together. It seems like a really smart show and I am looking forward to watching more tonight. I y'all are dying for show recommendations, but yeah this is a goodie!


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