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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dilemma of sorts

I am in a bit of a quandary. Well I guess more so an emotional tug of war as to what I want… so I am asking for some help...

I am trying so very hard to save money, and I am learning that its something I suck at. I have had an ING account on the go for over a year but I kept putting losery amounts in there like $10 or $25. A month or two ago I started having money taken directly from my account every time I get paid. TRES helpful cause I don't have to get around to doing it or else justifying why that money would be better spent on a purse or new shoes. Now, my new problem is.. I want a purse and new shoes. My taste in clothes has changed dramatically in the past year even and I want to start having more "grownup" clothes. I own more hooded sweaters than necessary, yet I always was drawn to the skater clothing look as that was what I wore through out college and highschool. (except for bar night but those clothes aren't fit to see the light of day) But I digress...what I am saying is I need money saving hints. For clothing, anything really. Pretty please help. So far I have started taking money out from Wawa (where there is no fee for getting money out) Trying to shop at Loehmanns or Marshalls when I feel I need clothes...but I must be just such a tool cause I dont know better ways to save money. I guess this post is all over the place...I will sum it up :

1) Trying to save money but am sucking at it. I love to treat my younger brothers, my hub and friends who arent in as good a financial state as me. Then I see I have no money and get like this :( I am slowly going with my ING account, but not as good as I would like, also, my student loan isnt getting magically smaller no matter how hard I am praying for a financial miracle.

2) my "plans" such as praying for said miracle, winning the lottery, and being bequeathed a large sum of money arent coming into fruition...now what?

3) want to buy new clothes yet save at the same time...

ok that was the jist. not all that interesting or cohesive really, but its been on my mind lately so I felt the need to get it out.


  • i'm no real fan of hip-hop but to quote the Wu-Tang Clan;

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

    It's a bitch, I already have my salary spent before I get it. Dammmmmn

    By Blogger neilissimo, At August 24, 2006 2:09 PM  

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