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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Blessings

I have been having a go of things lately just letting myself be depressed and loll (is that a word?) around my apartment. Hub is trying his best to perk me up but I am just kind of feeling sorry for myself. I hate feeling sorry for myself. I made a go of it this weekend though and worked a Jameson promotion on Saturday night to get me out of the house. I actually organized some of our apartment (I can't believe it either) And feeling truly domestic, I woke up on Sunday and decided to cook some food for the gang coming over to watch football. My good friend Alan bought me a copy of The Joy of Cooking as a birthday present and I decided to make something from it. Thai Chicken and Coconut soup! Apparently it isn't an easy first soup to make...but I did it. I forgot to get Lemon Grass and I bought Parsley instead of Coriander but it turned out really good anyway. So, I have decided that cooking makes me feel like a "woman" yeah yeah I know that is lame, but my Mum was always such a good cook and it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment when I create something edible. So I have decided to keep peeking in my recipe books and make one new thing a week. If anyone has any diabetic recipes or anything that isn't too complicated for a new cook--pass them along!
Another blessing came right up to me and bit me this morning. Well more so called me on my cellphone while I was brushing my teeth. The Indigo Girls are playing in Philadelphia tonight and my friend Christine has an extra ticket. So I am going to go, and listen to some folksy lesbian music for a few hours. I used to LOVE them in high school so this will just bring back some really nice safe feelings for me tonight which I am excited about. It will be good to get out of the house and not mope, plus it will give the Hub a chance to recharge and not have to worry about trying to make me feel better for a few hours :) Now if I can just get through work... ;)


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