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Monday, December 18, 2006

Minutes of Today

8:35am:Am sitting at work enjoying my milkyway chocochino (from the weird new coffee machine at work) and eating Special K Strawberry snack bites. Tres tasty. I am currently pissed at myself for forgetting my glasses today... I remembered the case, but I realize that the important part of that equation is still sitting on my bedside table.
We had a really nice weekend. Friday night we did Hanukkah with D and his parents. We exchanged some cool gifts and went out for dinner. My mother in law is crazy stressed with her job right now so we took it upon ourselves to try to cheer her up. Hopefully it worked. Saturday we just hung out and watched some Christmas movies together, including the Muppets Christmas Carol. (this was my present from the first night of Hanukkah) if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Nothing screams Christmas like a bunch of Muppets and Michael Caine! Sunday we drove to Scranton and back to have lunch with D’s Grandma Pearl. It was sweet of her to take us out for lunch, but it was tough going as we missed the Eagles/Giants game. D and his Dad were pretty concerned that they would hear the score before we got home to watch it on Tivo, so we made sure to have no outside stimuli for the 2.5 hrs back to Philadelphia. Let me tell you, watching football when you can fast forward is WAY better than normal football…I wonder if I can institute that as a new rule on Sundays…?

1:29pm: Work is quiet today. Everyone is on vacation…yet I still have tons to do. I am trying to install a client application on to my work comp, but it is so old and crappy that it is taking forever. I can really get my job done this way.

2:37pm: Wow where did the last hour go? That’s cool. Although I really am ready to be heading home now. I have just learned that Monday night Football tonight is a huge game so we will be watching that at 8:30. I am a bit confused. When I first started dating a sports nut I was feeling ok with the fact that I would have to relinquish control of the television (and our living room) to watch Eagles games on Sundays. Now there is Thursday night football, Saturday night football…and we no longer just are content to watch the beloved Birds play, we also have to watch all games that have potential to affect our playoff standings. Zzzzzz. I can sometimes get into an Eagles game, in fact I have yelled at the TV many times this past season, but I just can’t seem to care about other random teams.

3:41pm: Have been trying to install new software all afternoon. Why do I always get error messages? But on the plus side this afternoon has gone by really quickly and I am leaning towards going home. First stop will be to return a Hanukkah gift that I got for D that he isn’t too crazy about, then on to the drycleaners in the hopes that I can find my dress that they some how misplaced.


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