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Friday, December 29, 2006

Likely last post of 2006!

I have to say that Christmas went a lot better than I thought it would. There were some tears, but we really managed to just hang out as a family and really pull together. D had got my mum a star named after my dad which was a lovely tribute that she was really delighted with. It was really hard not to have my Dad there (especially since he looked like Santa..with his white beard and his twinkley eyes) but it was really nice to be home as a family

Yesterday was a strange day at work. There were only three people in my entire building. It was nice and quiet…one could actually get work done if so inclined. The work I am currently doing sort of hinges on help from another department who are all out this week…so I read up on how to work the Ipod I got for Christmas, ordered some photos from shutterfly, and talked to a friend. Sometimes I am super awesome at finding ways to get through 9-5 without actually getting anything done.

Wednesday night we met up with super good family friends to have dinner before D and I headed back to Philly. Much to my delight they brought me a photocopy of the ultrasound from that morning. They are going to have a little girl. The name they like right now is Genevieve Gabriella. It was really a blessing to get to see this little thing. She has perfectly formed lips and a gorgeous nose. I can’t wait to meet her…but she isn’t coming til MAY!!!

Today has also been really quiet at work. We went out to Vietnam Restaurant for a 2 hour lunch which was divine and relaxing. My boss just IM’ed me to tell me that I can leave at 2:30….oooh only an hour left. It’s so nice to be home in the afternoon…get random chores done and watch me some Oprah!

Tune in next time for my New Year resolutions…


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