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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy 2007

After seeing Rocky Balboa on opening night in Philly D realized that something was missing in our marriage. That would be that I had no Rocky knowledge. So this past weekend...I got schooled. We watched Rocky 1-5 in HD cause it was being offered for free by Comcast. So now I am all up on my Philly Rocky Trivia...come on ask me anything!
I was also feeling really into the new year thing yesterday and wanted a new journal to start a new year. So D got up and trudged around with me to try to find somewhere open that sold journally types of things. Everywhere was closed! So I am off now to hit up Staples and Barnes and Noble to see if I can find anything. I also thought I would post the beginnings of my new year resolutions. Can you guess which one my Mum made up for me?

1) I will wake up every morning and say “thank you for this day, thank you that I am healthy, that I am able to work, that I am beautiful inside and out, that I am intelligent
2) I will look at all that I have and not what I don't have. My cup overflows
3) I will look at all that "stuff" that clutters my home and interferes with my serenity and I will pass it on to someone else
4) I will focus on what is really important
5)I will fight retail therapy and reward myself every time I resist by putting something in the bank or by buying one lovely flower on the way home so that when I sit down at night I will be glad I didn't spend money I don't have on stuff I don't need
6) I will keep the big goals in sight
7) I will relish in the serenity of not dreading the credit card bill when it comes in the mail knowing how much you can spend before it is on credit (7 is pretty related to 5 I think)


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