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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years pics and Hump day news

Awww, our first kiss of 2007. This was as fireworks were going off in Old City. D is very good at taking pics of us himself. I can never seem to manage doing it without getting the entire side of my face and then cutting most of his head off. It has been decided that he is the photographer in the family.

I 100% love my hair in this photo. As someone who has had dead straight hair my whole life, I get kinda excited when its curly. The hairdresser used about 2 cans of hairspray just to get it to stay pretty all night, but I was totally satisfied with it!

Today has been a weird one of adjustment at work. Yesterday we couldn't do anything as we were waiting for software so I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out how to make a cool blog. I really like the ones that have lists etc. down the sides but I am an HTMLtard so I don't know if I will ever get it working super cool.

I bought a new journal last night--a new journal for a new year. Usually I am not so hokey around the start of the year, but I am just DETERMINED to make more of myself and my life this year. Unless someone else in my life dies I know that this year will have to be better than last year so I am at least able to be optimistic about that. As always I am making lists regarding my goals for the year, my hopes, dreams etc. I feel like I am 11 a lot of the time. I have kept a journal since then, and it's always full of my dreamer ramblings. I just really want to be happier and get my life more organized.

I am starting the year off with my friend Lena reading "The Purpose Driven Life" together. She lives in Ontario and I live here so it will be sort of a long distance book club, but I am hoping that it will inspire me. I think I need inspiration and faith right now. I am also hoping it will rekindle our friendship. We were super crazy best friends in high school and while we have always kept in touch, we didn't stay as close. I really miss her and am hoping this will help bring us closer again.

Two of my favourite things I got for Christmas:
--"The Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter. My brother in a moment of amazing gift giving ability got this for me. It's an AMAZING book. I dont really know how to describe it other than kick ass. I wish I had enough time to just sit down with a mug of tea and read the whole thing. I am halfway through it and already know I will be reading it again.

--"Powerpoint eyeliner" from MAC. Santa put this in my stocking and I LOVE it. It goes on really smooth and easily and leaves a great line. Is kinda hard to get off though, so I should get some eyemakeup remover (or at least a better method than just scrubbing with facecloth)


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