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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few of my favourite things

In my week away with my mum I discovered a few new things that have quickly made it to the list of my favourite things:

-Amplified MAC lipstick in 'Profusion' (Shade description: Extravagant rose (Amplified Creme) )

-Undies from American Eagle. The boy briefs and the hipsters are honestly the most comfy undies I have ever owned. They also have cute matching camis and tank tops. Excellent

-Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal. This is super tasty and now my afternoon snack of choice.

-Coach purses. I got one at the outlet in Delaware and now I am 100% totally in love with it

-Liquid eyeliner. I have used pencils since I started wearing makeup but I bravely tried some out last week and I really really like it. Only problem is that its water proof and I need to get some better eye makeup remover or else I will have it on my lids for eternity.

-The Sony Treo. I ordered this phone on the cheap from Ebay and wasn't sure what to expect. Honestly? I am in love! It is like a palm pilot and phone in one so my attempts to be more organized might actually work!!! I don't really know how to work it yet and I have to figure out the "hot sync" thing but I am hopeful that this will help me :)

-Facebook. Ok I dont even know why I like the thing so much but I am hooked. I found a girl I used to babysit about 10 years ago, the first boy I had a crush on and my long lost cousin...



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