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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sean Kennedy and such

This is my post from yesterday, I couldn't get on blogger to post it!

Winter has finally come to Philadelphia. This morning was the first time all season that my brisk walk to work didn’t have me arriving at work all sweaty under my coat (lovely image right?) People here seem to think that because I am Canadian I should be impervious to the cold…that is not the case. I am still trying to figure out how I can completely wrap my face up with my scarf and not fog my glasses up every time I exhale. It was really bright out this morning so I was bundled up really tight—hat down as far as it would go, sunglasses on and then big scarf wrapped around my neck and trying to cover my nose…it’s a good look for me, especially since my new years resolution of exercising all the time and eating healthy isn’t off to a great start…I had junk food ALL weekend and I haven’t exercised in 10 days!

Last night D and I went to see ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ with some friends. It was ok. I liked it cause I some how come out feeling cultured when I see a movie that has subtitles, but it focused a lot more on the Spanish civil war than on the cool Pan world. I think I was just expecting something different. Also the violence was kind of gross in some parts. I wouldn’t rent it again or anything, but it was definitely an interesting movie.

Two nights ago I had a dream about Sean again. This is SO strange—I went to grade school (until Grade 9 when I moved away) with a boy named Sean Kennedy. We weren’t particularly close or anything but he did come to some of my birthday parties. My one big memory of him is that his Mom came into our school in Grade 3 or 4 and told us about Hanukkah and we ate Latkes. But for no apparent reason, he features heavily in my dreams. Every now and then with some surprising regularity I have dreams about him. We are hanging out, or just talking and he is my best friend or else I find him somewhere and it’s a big reunion…I don’t know why at all and its so weird. I lost touch with all of the people that I went to school with when I was younger, so I have no idea why my subconscious has me to dream of him in particular…


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