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Friday, January 05, 2007

Afternoon randoms

-The glorious manicure I got on Sunday is finally starting to chip L ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ by OPI is my new favourite nail colour. It’s a very rich purple that almost looks black. Usually I go light on my fingers because I am a wimp, but I have to say I have really enjoyed having cool looking nails all week. I will be sad tonight when I have to remove it.

- I just got off the phone with my best friend and we got to have a 15 min catch up conversation in the middle of the afternoon. Usually that doesn’t work as she is a teacher now so she isn’t around when I have free calling (what nerve huh?) When I was 18 she made me a CD that had the quote “when I find myself fading I realize my friends are my energy” (I think I just paraphrased that) but with certain friends it’s so true. I felt tired and blah until I spoke with her and now I am smiley and missing her and hoping she gets the mail I sent her soon. I really don’t think I would have survived the past 10 years without this girl!

- It’s pouring rain and about 50 degrees…it really doesn’t feel like January. I know I have said this in my last few posts, but it’s really bugging me. I know I shouldn’t really care as I can wear skirts to work etc. but it just doesn’t seem wintery. I want to be out taking pictures of the snow on the trees in Rittenhouse park, not wishing that Santa had brought me rain boots!
-I am so happy that its the weekend. For once I actually have a lot of plans and that usually doesn't happen. It feels good to finally have some girlfriends down here who call and try to make plans. I am going to Brunch on Sunday...how divine!
-D has been having a hard time coming to grips with being a grownup lately. I don't know what to tell him. I know what he is saying, but there isn't really a ways to fix it. He doesn't think its fair or right to have to work so much that we have no time for the really important things in life. Things we love, each other, our families, our hobbies. It is true that it stinks that we have to work so much, but if we were happy having a WAY less successful life then yes, we could work menial jobs occasionally and spend all our time together, but what would we be doing? constantly worrying about how we were gona pay for our kids to get shoes, etc. I hope he can manage to sort through these feelings cause its just how it is. I don't want to work all day and come home and not have time to scrapbook and read, and hang out with my friends, but there are things in life that have to come first to an extent. Is this the onset to an early mid life crisis?


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