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Friday, January 05, 2007

Could have been the Willie Nelson/Could have been the wine

Yesterday I found out that The OC is being cancelled. Honestly? I really am upset. Not crying all night upset, but just bummed cause I really do look forward to watching it on Thursday nights. I will say that it's not as hip as it once was, but I do feel like they have managed to keep things together without being completely formulaic. I am definitely giving this show too much credit, but shut up I love it.

I went to the asian supermarket near me last night for the first time. What a cool experience. I ended up buying some items I really didn't need like Peanut Satay sauce and vermicelli noodles, but I managed to convince myself that it was in an effort for me to make pad thai sometime soon and also something yummy with peanut satay sauce. Anyone have ideas?

I was kind of rushing this morning and half way to work I realized that I wasn't wearing any make up or deoderant. I am not a cake face or anything, but I usually at least put cream on the huge dark circles under my eyes and try to look a bit more presentable at work..but alas today my coworkers get me in all my fug smelly glory.

I'm really excited that its the weekend. Tonight I think we are going to see all the art galleries that are doing First Friday. Hopefully it manages to hold off on the rain. We have been trying to find fun, free (or tres cheap) things to do in the city in the evenings, and this one we really enjoy provided that we can walk around and not get soaked! Tomorrow D is going to the Villanova game and then watching sports all afternoon, so I made some plans to go out with a new friend. Not sure what we are doing, but I really didn't want to sit around and watch sports. Sunday D is heading down to DC to visit his brother who just moved back from Venezuela. They are gona live it up and go see another Nova game on Monday. It will be nice to have the apartment to myself for a few days. I really want to try to pick one or two areas of the apartment and really power organize so that we have a few uncluttered areas. We are supposed to be moving our new couch in and our old couch out next Saturday so I really need to find someone to take our old couch too...My alternate plan is to hope that all the photos I ordered from Shutterfly arrive so I can hang out and scrapbook all day on Sunday ;) must more fun than organizing. What are other people up to? Any advice on fun cheap things to do?


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