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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Thanks to my new Nano and my long walk to work I discovered some things this morning:

Song I most want to play air trumpet to—Would I lie to you by Eurythmics
Song I most want to play air drums to—Laid by James
Fun song to strut to—SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
Most unattractive guy I would love to have serenade me—Leonard Cohen
Song that makes me wish I didn't quit piano lessons—White Houses
by Vanessa Carlton
Cheesiest song I love to sing along to—Can’t stop loving you by Phil Collins
Most appropriate song for me to be walking to—Streets of Philadelphia
by Bruce Springsteen
Most romantic ghetto song—Take me as I am by Wyclef Jean
Song I feel I could/should have written—Night Swimming by R.E.M

On a related note—does anyone know if it’s possible to have two instances of Itunes on one computer? D and I both have Ipods now and I am having problems figuring out how to update mine.


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