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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Lucky

THE GOOD--Stefanie of stefanie-says.blogspot.com sent me cool tech help so that I can add lists and other cool things to my blog. hurray. (just haven't sat down to play with it yet) but I am SO excited to try to make it work :)
--I went out for a 2 mile walk with my friend Deb on Saturday morning, see fun pics below. My legs were pretty sore but it was nice to see a different view of Philly. I always drive past these places but rarely am I able to stop and take pics. I took the Rocky one just for D. We were actually in the pub the night they filmed some scenes for the movie there. We had to leave to let them film, but it was still cool to be there...actually I think I blogged about that this time last year.

-Went shopping at Loehmanns with Maya and managed not to spend all my money, but did manage to score a pair of Juicy Coture cashmere pants for a measly $35.00. They were on sale from $325.00 so..it was foolish not to buy them. Also they could be known as the most comfy pants on the planet.

-Went out to brunch with a new friend I met while getting a manicure for New Years. Was nice, I had liquid french toast and she gave me some back issues of US weekly...this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

THE BAD- D and his dad were on their way down to DC to visit my brother in law. I am not 100% sure about the full details, but essentially, whilst in transit, they hit two cars, flew across 6 lanes of traffic, tried to brake, but that didn't seem to work and they ended up embedded in a store. Thankfully it was Sunday and the shop was closed so there was no one in it. The rental car they were driving is completely totalled.

THE LUCKY-Somehow neither one of them had any serious injuries. They both are really sore from where the seatbelts jammed into them, but nothing is broken. I cannot believe it. I am waiting to see pics of the accident that D took with his phone. He says that looking at them he still can't believe that he isn't more hurt. I guess I count as the lucky too in this instance cause I really couldn't deal with something happening to him right now. I am selfish yes, but I still need him as my rock and I can't have to take care of him, not right now at least. Good to know someone is watching over us .


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