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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This morning

I think I am developing my mother’s insomnia in my old age. I am always awake at really strange and early hours of the morning. While she is smart and gets up and does something useful I lie there and try to get back to sleep. I always feel like I need those few extra hours of sleep yet even when I fall back asleep I seldom find it restful--this is when I have my strangest dreams. Case in point 4am this morning:

1) I was planning a sleepover with kid from Little Miss Sunshine. It was a BIG deal as she was supposed to be working on a movie yet she was coming to hang out with me.

2) I somehow knew that my Mum was about to have her wedding ring stolen from her work and I couldn't get in touch with her in time to stop it.

3) I was in some cool mall and kept trying to get in to the Baby Gap. My pregnant friend was with me and we wanted to get to the amazing sales in there, but whenever we walked through the door it turned into a grocery store and I couldn't find the way to get into Gap. We would walk back out the door and see where we were going, we would try to turn around, but would still end up in the market.

I think I need to just start getting up, making a cup of tea and reading or something. I just seem to wake up ready to face the day all stressed out from my weird dreams and thats not a good way to start the day!



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