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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why mess with a good thing?

D's friend Jeff came over last night to watch a movie with us. He is one of my favourite of the friends I inherited through marriage and really is the nicest guy ever. He patiently helped me troll through ebay to find a cool used phone so I didnt have to pay a ton for a new one. And in his infinite sweetness he was trying to help me put cool things on my phone (deemed cool by him not me) but apparently he had some switch turned on which turned my cell phone into his cell phone. It deleted my contacts, and uploaded all of his information to my phone. The cool ring tones that came with the phone have vanished along with the photos I have been happily snapping with it. He is also the kind of guy you can't be angry with, as he is just a bit spacey but doesn't do things intentionally to mess things up, but now my phone which i had been carefully setting up all week is now full of someone else's organizational info.

On an unrelated note I have become somewhat of a forager/hoarder lately at work. I don't know why I am doing it but it feels a bit strange. We have employees from other companies come visit and they bring us candy from the UK and I tend to hide it in my desk to save for a later date. It now turns out that 1) I am getting fat and 2) I may be contribute to the mouse problem that has developed since Christmas. How can I break myself from wanting to snack on crappy food all afternoon at work?



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