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Friday, March 02, 2007

weather and toilets

Today has been weird weather wise. It started off pouring rain this morning. The kind that is accompanied by a crazy wind that tries to fight you for control of your umbrella. I got to work mildly disheveled looking with soaking wet feet. Every time it rains I think “I need rain boots”. But after that thought I think no more of such a foolish investment until it rains again and I have to walk a mile to work through puddles…dur.

A question was brought up today at lunch and I thought I would ask here to see if anyone else would answer…when you are in a public bathroom what is your flushing protocol? Do you use your foot or your hand? I got yelled at by my boss when I said I used my foot. He said that he thought that was gross and rude…and yes it is, but I also have a bit of a germ thing and I don’t want to be touching the handle to be honest. If I am at a friends house or my house or somewhere really classy I use my hand or my hand covered in toilet paper, but when it’s a toilet that has the metal flusher thing…I have to use my foot…they somehow always seem moist and shiny and I just can’t bring myself to touch them with my hands. How do other people deal with this?



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