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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Late night musings


Just got in from seeing Kurt Rosenwinkel's Jazz quartet play at Chris' Jazz Cafe. Good times. Dinner was expensive and mediocre, but the music and company was great. I am currently sitting on the couch watching D pace back and forth while on the phone. His pace radius is 5-6 steps in each direction followed by a pivot once he gets as far as he wants to go. I have never actually counted his paces before but he has been on the phone for a while and as I am typing I keep seeing him pop back in and out of my field of view. I have actually never noticed before how intently he must pace the entire time he is on the phone....Now we are just hanging out watching our Tivoed CSI from this evening. We have a bad habit of DVRing lots of shows and never watching them so as we are at 97% full we have to stay up a wee bit tonight to watch some stuff. How sad is that?


  • The missus and I DVR all our favorite shows and then play them back later so we can blast through the commercials. The exception is Idol, cus we have to know who to vote for ! Go Blake and Jordin. Have a great weekend and enjoy your busy time of going out every night. When you have babies, you'll think back to these days/nights with "misty-colored memories". OH lord, isn't that a lyric from a Barbra Streisand song! Talk about lame ! oh well....

    By Blogger Dave Scott, At April 27, 2007 1:23 PM  

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