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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Broken Heat Wave

Amen to that! Last night was the first really comfortable sleep I have had since Friday. Sweet! It cooled down just enough so that our bedroom managed to be cool and comfy. It was really nice to wake up not covered in sweat this morning. I don't know what it is about the heat but I turn into a psychotic crabby person who literally could cry at the drop of a hat. It is embarrassing to hear myself whining to D regarding a situation out of his control. He bought us another fan that is high powered without sounding like a lawnmower. The larger one we had was awesome at cooling down our room but it would then keep me awake with it's less than zen fan hum.
It's a good thing that I am able to sleep again cause from tomorrow til next Monday we have plans for every night! Tomorrow night we are going to Chris' Jazz Cafe to hear our good friend's brother play some jazz. I haven't heard him before but when I googled him I saw tons of great reviews online so I think it should be fun. We are meeting up with our friend as well as another couple we are friends with and doing dinner then the show should be great. Friday night we are going to see Jon Stewart do a stand up at a local theatre. Saturday D got us tickets to see Tragically Hip (a kick ass Canadian band that I love) Sunday we are going to the Phillies game with a big group of people and Monday night we are going to a Jameson sponsored Bartenders ball. This means that on Tuesday I will be going to bed about 6pm. We do like to have things going on and it's fun that at this stage in our lives we don't have the responsibilities that tie us down and not let us go out for 5 nights in a row, but it still makes me feel bad that I sometimes am a fan of being a homebody. I know one day I will be begging to be able to go out for a few nights in a row, but right now I am content spending several nights a week just at home doing nothing.
I have a strange confession to make: I buy baby clothes. I have since I was about 20 and I do not know why. Luckily D doesn't think it is too insane or symptomatic of "baby fever". Today at lunch I was at the Gap outlet with a coworker who needed new onesies for her little son. They were selling ADORABLE jammies and outfits for $2.99...how could I not pick up a few things?! I tell myself that this way they will be all ready for when my several pregnant friends have babies I can have gifts that I got on the cheap all set for them...however I have already about 4 things of baby clothes at home that were set aside to give as gifts that I can't seem to part with. Is that really weird?


  • I am so crabby when I don't get my beauty sleep. It gets a bit ridiculous sometimes. I am so used to getting 8 hours, that when I get less I am a crankypants. I am currently trying to go to bed a bit later than normal to try to work it to 7 hours of sleep and not being cranky. Hee hee hee...let's see how that goes!!

    AND!!!! I saw the Hip last year in Stratford, they were AMAZING!! It was the first time I ever saw them. Gord was spectacular, I mean, not only did he ride his mike stand like a motorbike, he also canoed with it. OMG, best ever!!!!

    I hope your five-days-o-fun are fantastic :) It sounds like it will be.

    And PS...just have to laugh at you over the baby clothes. Have to admit, sometimes I am tempted, but I foolishly end up walking away... hehehehe....

    By Anonymous melissa, At April 25, 2007 3:27 PM  

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