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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That burning sensation

I used a pharmacy-brand breathe right strip last night so that I could breathe while sleeping and it has left a sticky residue on my nose that nothing will seem to take off! I even used a small amount of nail polish remover, which was extremely painful due to my nose being raw from blowing it so much! Aren't I all about complaining. But there is a lesson to be taken away from this--> only use the real breathe right strips. This may come in handy to some as Allergy season is fast approaching.
On a more serious note I talked to my boss today about me wanting to move back to Canada. I was hoping that there would be some sort of leave I could take, but unfortunately I am not really eligable for the Family Medical Leave act and there wasn't really anything else they could offer me. I am not as worried for myself, but the main reason I wanted to just take a leave was so that D could keep my health insurance. His diabeties makes the whole "pre-existing condtion" thing kinda tough to beat and it's hard and expensive for him to get it outside of work. Unfortunately his line of work doesn't really offer it so he is going to have to get a job somewhere like Starbucks or something part time just so that he can get medical care. It's too bad that he can't still be covered by his parents...(which seeing as he is 28 isn't all that surprising) but...it's a lot of pressure nonetheless to make sure that it doesn't lapse. Say what you want about socialized medicine system, but I don't think people in Canada have to make their lives revolve around whether or not they have/can get/can maintain their health benefits.


  • God Bless Canada and our health care system. LOL!!!!

    That really sucks for D. I can't believe there isn't a system in place down there for care for people who have such illnesses that need medication and care. Craziness!!

    By Anonymous melissa, At April 12, 2007 9:28 AM  

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