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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...or sharks?

Last week which watching Criminal Minds D and I developed a new game. The premise is really simple and while it likely seemed more amusing to us as we had had some drinks at this point, we have continued to play it all week and its still thought provoking and fun. What you do is in any situation ask "that or sharks?" This started during Criminal Minds cause a woman was purposely trapped in her house and the bad guy started a fire. So we said "oooh man, would you rather have that happen or be eaten by sharks?" So now whenever there is some unpleasant situation on the TV or news we have been discussing which would be better.... Any one have any situations to add? One other one I can think of was being torn in half by two 18-wheelers from that stupid movie that was out recently... The one with Sean Bean as a hitch hiker...



  • We used to play a game like that called "would you rather...?" and you make up two ridiculous senarios and go around the room, and everyone has to justify their answers.

    E.g. Would you rather be attacked by axe weilding midgets or be attached by a pack of crazed wolves? My answer is the wolves, as they can jump higher to finish the job...midgets would take forever haking you slowly...


    Would you rather pee acid or sweat ketchup? This one is tricky, as there are advantages to both: pee acid--you could get yourself out of any trap by peeing on the floor to make an escape route; sweat ketchup--you would always have a condiment handy for your fries or burger, or if you were desperate, for your spaghetti. But I choose the pee acid, even though I might hurt myself, cause then I could have the super cool nickname "The Urinator"....

    By Anonymous Melissa, At March 29, 2007 10:41 AM  

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