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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thoughts for today

Impatient A$$

Dear guy who parked out front of my apartment at 5am and honked continuously for 15 mins,

Have you heard of a cell phone asshole? Obviously you were awake and trying to get someone’s attention, but it wasn’t mine. Next time if whomever you are picking up is taking their sweet time getting down to the car, use the call box or a cell phone so that you only wake up people in their apartment. I have a hard time sleeping lately and hearing your horn beep over and over starts my day off on more of a homicidal tone than anything else.


A tenant on the 5th floor

Last night we went out to the Continental for dinner. It’s a great restaurant that is pretty close to our apartment, but its one of the places where all alcoholic drinks cost at a minimum $9 and you don’t get free refills on your pop. The food prices themselves are pretty reasonable, but I just really felt like a glass of wine and I hate when it has to bump up the price of a meal by that much. I know I shouldn’t complain, cause its not like I NEEDED a drink last night, but I just wanted one and for some reason I found it frustrating that it was so much. Maybe I am just cheap and I usually only get a drink at the places where its about $6.00 a glass, but 9 bucks just seemed really unreasonable last night.

I have been trying really hard lately to snap myself out of being so depressed. Really pushing myself to get on the treadmill has been hard, but I am finding it does help when I manage to do it. D borrowed the first few seasons of the Sopranos on DVD for us to watch while we exercise and that’s helpful too—before I know it 30 mins of me trekking along has passed. We were discussing it last night though and I realized I had done something wrong when I didn’t know what he was talking about. Turns out that I had started watching disk 1 of season two by mistake. I was wondering why I had no idea who the characters were or why there seemed to be minimal introduction. I think I will start over with season 1 tonight and hopefully figure out who is who!



  • Oh how I hate getting woken up by a$$holes early in the morning. Luckily we live in a very quite neighborhood. In the summertime I like to keep the windows open at night and enjoy the cool Rocky Mtn breeze. One problem tho. We have a Santa Claus looking dude that rides his Harley to work RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE AT 6:00 AM !! arrrrr !
    Oh well...
    Depression is a very tricky situation. Exercise is very helpful. Also try to avoid drinking when depressed, it just makes things worse. (This I know from experience) Hugs....

    By Blogger Dave Scott, At March 20, 2007 6:54 PM  

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