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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Home Alone

Since D hasn't been working lately we have been at home together all the time. I am the kind of girl who thrives on some alone time. There is nothing specific I want to do but I relish in the thought of just being alone in my apartment, hanging out and doing my own thing. When he said last night that he was going to be spending the day at the Fox and the Hound watching NCAA with his Dad and some of his friends I secretly rejoiced! Alone time...hurray...but now I have all this time to myself and for once I don't know what to do. I put a load of laundry in (which doesnt scream fun alone time really now does it?) And I just put the kettle on to make a cup of coffee...i exercised this morning too, but all the things I think I will do when I am home alone (finally watch those French movies I borrowed, scrapbook etc) none of that seems appealing today. I did just start a new book so maybe I will max and relax and read. I will say that its really nice to be getting on with my day without Sports Centre as the back ground noise.

St. Patty's day passed yet again without too much hooplah from me. We went to a pub yesterday had some beers, had some lunch and watched two NCAA games. I apparently can't drink anymore as I had a huge buzz as we stumbled through the snow back to our apartment. These are the things that indicate to me that I am getting old--I have 4 beers and am semi drunk, I was SO annoyed with all the super wasted college girls, and I managed to stay home for fear of braving the cold and didnt go back out. Lame.

Still no sign of the Ipod. Pray for her safe return am starting to get worried!



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