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Thursday, March 22, 2007

More favourite things (and an 'Ode')

MultiGrain Cheerios--On occasion my father in law brings us groceries. There were in his grocery goodie bag last week, and since I started running out of other cereal I decided to give these a try. I worried that they would end up just being too blah since I know that normal cheerios don't have that much of a taste. I was delightfully surprised as these are lightly sweetened but are still a really healthy alternative in the world of breakfast cereal. Hurray General Mills you have done it again!

Criminal Minds--I am so in love with this show. Sometimes the crimes are pretty gross, but I love hearing the reasoning behind why some people are bat shit crazy. I have really enjoyed CSI for the past few years, but I love how this show explains some of the psychology behind criminal behaviour. Also I love how Mandy Patikin played the guy seeking revenge in the Princess Bride (my fave childhood movie)

Audrey Tatou--I have been watching a lot of French films lately in an effort to practice my French. I don't know if it's actually working or not, but it is fun to be exposed to movies I wouldn't have watched normally. I had seen Amelie a few years ago and LOVED it and Audrey, but now watching her in other films, she is just as adorable in all her roles. Granted some aren't as funny, but she just brings something so beautiful with her into her movies (no comment re. The Da Vinci Code though)

Ode to my missing Ipod

Oh Ipod how I love you
your gossamer screen of wonder
your shiny ebony body
those annoyingly uncomfortably earbuds
The white cord identifying me as a sellout to Apple
nonetheless:since you have been gone my life is less musical
please return from where you absconded
I miss youlike the desert misses the rain
(and various other cliches from 90s club songs)
come back to me little Nano
and i promise
never to let you stray again.



  • You are too funny. I love your Ode to Ipod. I hope you find it soon :)

    And yes, MultiGrain Cheerios are most delicious!!

    As for Princess Bride, I was just saying to myself that I want to watch it soon....


    By Anonymous melissa, At March 23, 2007 3:27 PM  

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