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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wacky Weekday Weather

My love for alliteration took over any sense I had about what to name today's post...I feel like such an old woman discussing the weather even though there are way more exciting things going on, but I am not good at waking up on time in the mornings with enough minutes to spare to check the weather. So like an idiot I tend to assume that since it's been so nice out lately that it will likely also be nice out today...not so much. I wish I had packed a scarf cause I was freezing in my spring jacket this morning.

I have realized this week that I am a hypocrite. I get angry with D when he cannot answer questions I pose to him about Judiasm, yet he asked me questions about Easter that I could not remember. I used to go to Sunday school a lot when I was younger and actually do know the answers, but I couldn't remember exactly what Palm Sunday was...I remembered we used to make crosses from palm leaves, but I wasn't sure why. I have been at a strange place with my religious beliefs in the past few years. When I was younger I believed wholeheartedly. I just had faith. But as I have aged I think I have become more cynical and unsure. But I still feel like it's important to at least be more aware of the fundamentals of my religion, so I googled Good Friday and Palm Sunday and now I feel better that I can remember why this is such an important holiday.



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