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Monday, April 23, 2007

Meme Monday

Because I am a total narcissist, when I stumbled upon Chirky doing another 5 question meme I hopped on the bandwagon. I think these things are much easier for those people who only have about 3 people who read their blogs cause then I don’t get inundated with people asking me for questions ;)

You must move to either Tokyo or Helsinki. Which one and why?
● I would have to say Tokyo. This is a hard question as I want to travel everywhere, but I think the Japanese culture appeals to me a lot. I would love to just hang out downtown Tokyo and take lots of Photos. Hopefully absorb the Japanese work ethic through osmosis. I also really like some of the fun fashion and electronics in Japan so I think the crazy busy hubbub of Tokyo would be fun to shop in. Also since my main pleasure in life is often derived from people watching I think Tokyo would be really intense for that.

What is your favorite state fair-type food?
● Hands down I have to say Funnel Cake. This love affair goes way back to my younger days with a mother who was not a big fan of feeding her children junk. So to be able to eat fried! Dough! with icing sugar! And fake fruity goo! It was pretty much a little taste of heaven on earth. Now when I eat it I still delight in knowing just how bad it is for me, but I get more annoyed with the icing sugar that I tend to get all over my face and clothing. Now I want funnel cake….curse you Chirky ;)

For a million dollars, would you let a man, with extremely offensive body odor (EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE), lick your chest for an hour?
● Ok…this one really depends. Do I get nose plugs? Can I have a friend there for emotional support? Honestly as much as I would LOVE a million dollars, of all my senses I think my olfactory organs are the most highly in tuned to my surroundings. And should someone really nastily smelling be all upon me I would likely be sick and thus making the situation that much more unbearable. This question has actually really got to me…I want to be the moral person with a strong distaste for foul body odor, but a part of me really wants a million dollars…I could always shower for a day afterwards. With that big payout I would have no problem paying an overly large water bill that month.

Donuts or pancakes?
● I am going to have to go with Donuts. I find that often pancakes are really dry and heavy and sometimes just not that tasty. I will be honest and say that I have never met a donut I didn’t find delicious. Especially the ones that the Amish people at the Reading Terminal Market make. Those have about 500 calories per bite, but they just melt in your mouth as they are still warm and fresh off the fryer. Also something made by a cute little lady in old fashioned looking clothes just has to taste good right?

What do you find most attractive about the opposite sex?
● Humm...just about everything? I am really into eyes and lips I would say. I really appreciate all of the male form to be honest but those are the two features I notice first when I meet a man. I feel that you can tell a lot about their personality by that. I love men with big full lips are kind eyes. If they have those and good taste in cologne I am done for.


I just got back from a lovely lunch with Meags. We just hit up Ruby Tuesdays so it sure wasn’t the food, but the company was lovely. There really is no substitution for an old friend. We haven’t seen much of each other in the past three years, but there are those people who when you see again, you just pick up like it never had a break. I have been really self involved for the last few months so it’s nice to have such a great friend around to pick you up out of your funk.


We had a really lovely weekend. Nothing crazy, just walking around in the gorgeous weather but it just felt so nice to be outside! We didn’t make it to the Turkish place cause Meags and Brian were stuck in traffic for about 2 hours on the Jersey Turnpike so we weren’t sure about a reservation etc, so we just went to our usual haunt and had some Saturday night Happy Hour specials which were great. There just seems something so promising about a weekend with near perfect weather. The only issue with this time of year is that the a/c hasn’t been turned on our apartment is sauna-esque at the moment. Due to a stupid planning error by whoever built our apartment, the windows in our bedroom do not open. We are in a loft style place so all the heat rises and our room is thick with heat. Last night we had all the fans on but it was still near unbearable. It is that kind of gross sticky heat where you are both lying on top of the sheets and covers wearing as minimal pajama coverage as you are comfortable with, barely wanting to look at each other so as not to disturb the heat ratio. We are snuggly sleepers. We both fall asleep best all cuddled up with our legs entwined. I don’t know why but D is my sleeping security blanket and I sleep best when at least one part of me is touching him. Last night I was too hot to even have toes touching. Hurray for May 1st as it brings with it the promise of the building turning on the air!


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