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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Secret

I mentioned the other day that I have been reading The Secret by Rhonds Byrne.I think a lot of people see it as amazing and life changing or on the polar opposite as super hokey. I am sort of in the middle, but everyone can use positive thinking in their life for the better. I can see how the law of attraction might work and I have seen things like this come into play in my life before. One part of the book states to just write down what you want and start being positive about it and it will work--these are the things I will have:
1) a nice, cute house
2) a fulfilling, good paying job
3) a nice well behaved dog
4) a cottage
5) time in my life for friends, family and my hobbies
These are my focuses for now...let's see how I make out


  • I just started reading this book on Monday while flying home. I have to ask, did you find yourself saying positive words all of a sudden? For some reason, I cannot get the Ben Franklin saying, "healthy, wealthy, and wise" out of my head!

    Very good book so far. I'd say it's my top five of inspiration.

    By Blogger cupcake, At May 03, 2007 9:40 AM  

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