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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tragically Hip

D took me out to see the Tragically Hip (my fave Canadian Band)last night. When we got there I was completely surprised to find out that it was sold out! While the Hip have a huge following in Canada I really didn't think that many people in the US would know who they were. It was so homey to me to see how many Canadians were in attendance. Many people were wearing 'Roots' gear or baseball hats repping Canadian Universities. It was nice to see that other people in this area who are from Canada are also looking to connect with other Canadians. I had such a surge of home pride to see some people waving the Maple Leaf in the front row. The show was awesome and I am so happy that I finally saw them live.

The boys!

The Venue

David never really liked them before when I have played songs for him; he thought that they sounded a bit whiny. Last night he claimed to really enjoy it and even though it was about 95 degrees at the TLA we had a great time. Since I am trying to be better about saving money lately I decided not to buy their latest CD. As a delightful surprise when we left the venue D pulled an autographed copy out of his pocket! It was a lovely surprise and as soon as I got home it went on my Ipod.


  • Sweet! I am glad he concert was awesome!!!! Didn't they put on the best show of your life?!?!? Was there canoeing with the mic stand? Random hilarious antics? Hahahaha....oh the Hip... Yeah, I have actually heard they spend more touring time in the US than up here in Canada. I guess they just rely on us to love them regardless, LOL!

    Hey...to be a curious Canadian, did they play New Orleans is Sinking?? I can see why it would be a taboo song, I heard they stopped playing it for quite some time. They played it last year in Stratty, but then again, that's Canada, not the US..

    Well...this country inn I am at has internet! Sweet! I'll see what I can do to spend some msn time with you this week :)

    Miss already too!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous melissa, At April 30, 2007 9:01 AM  

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