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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I changed my mind...

...insert that barfy face here in stead. URGH! In my infinite wisdom I have somehow managed to totally screw up my finances. I am 110% sure that I made my last two credit card payments as well as my cable/internet payments over the Citizens bank online payment thing. But something has obviously gone terribly wrong. I got a note from my friendly neighbourhood Bank of America last night politely inquiring as to where my credit card payments are as they are late. Really really late. I thought that they were just crazy and decided to wait til today to investigate (cause hello a letter from your credit card company isn't important or anything) SO, from looking at my payment history there is absolutely no record of me having made the payments. I didn't bring my day planner into work today so I don't know what the dates were I am praying that for once I remembered to write down the confirmation numbers of the transactions. It costs $45 every time that my credit card payment is late so I am literally going to barf if I have to pay $90 for this. Please say a little prayer that the bank totally screwed up and not me so that I get some help with this. I feel like such a jackass cause D has told me time and time again to pay better attention to my money and balancing my cheque book but like an idiot I just don't and then these situations arise. I hate that I am full of tears and anger today as I am trying to be so positive, but it's so hard when these things happen. I know it's just life or whatever, but for once I just want to maintain that "yay seems like I have things sort of under control" feeling for a bit longer than the usual two days. I feel like crap for venting lately cause I just am so overwhelmed with all the decisions and huge life changes coming up. Is everyones life like this? Am I doing something wrong or is this normal? I think I just have to work harder to keep the things that freak me out under control.


  • It's normal almost all people who don't manage there credit also suffer what on what you have already been to.

    It might be of help if you had a secured credit card for it will help you establish your credit line.

    By Blogger senseibasil, At May 16, 2007 4:02 PM  

  • Eek! First of all....spam for a comment??? senseibasil is a scam...hahaha, though creative in his name. Second....something like that happened to my landlords, they do online banking for cable, and we got it cut off once because the past few payments he made online didn't go through. The money had been lost in electronic land. Luckily, his bank records showed it though. Boo for you....hopefully you can sort it out and everything is ok and you don't have to fork over $90.

    PS...I think that is an absurd rate. You should drop that cc asap!!

    By Anonymous melissa, At May 16, 2007 4:16 PM  

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