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Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend fun in Delaware

We had a really fun weekend down in Delaware. I have illustrated some of the shenanagans we got up to:
All you can eat crab. So good it's ridiculous
We went to our fave all you can eat restaurant and had some amazing crab dinners. I ate 4 baskets and D ate 5. We washed them down with some "Yarrr Matey" frozen rum drinkie thing served in a coconut. Sweet. I think we took something like a hundred photos so I won't bore you all to death with them. I just picked some of the fun ones to illustrate our activities. We also played mini golf and saw Spiderman 3 but I just can't be bothered uploading that many more photos.

Cool Lighthouse we stumbled upon

I absolutely LOVE Bethany Beach. D's shore house smells like my old cottage (which we had to sell when my parents divorced) There is just such a "homey" feel down there and it is just such a neat destination. The outlet malls are a ton of fun, there are mini-golf courses everywhere you look and the restaurants are delicious. It is just so scenic and being from Ontario I still get excited about seeing the ocean--didn't happen too much when I was little. I was so looking forward to getting down there and taking lots of photos, unfortunately the ocean and the sky didn't cooperate in the ways I was hoping for, but it was still an all around fun weekend.

Hanging on the Deck at Harpoon Hanna's

A new Hermie came home with us

Two summers ago D indulged me and bought me a few hermies as pets. I think he thought that they would be a short time commitment sort of pet. To be honest we likely don't have the same few that we brought home with us that first day, but as they have passed away we have felt the need to replace them. They are really social creatures so we thought it was cruel to just let their numbers dwindle. We have four right now and even though they are kind of creepy looking, it is so sweet to see them all snuggled up in the corner or their aquarium. They also chirp to each other sometimes it sounds a bit like crickets.

D on the deck



  • Hehehe...I had no idea that hermit crabs chirped!! That is cute!


    By Anonymous melissa, At May 08, 2007 1:55 PM  

  • Wow, sounds like a great weekend! 4 baskets of crab legs, I'm jealous. I so miss the ocean. I didn't go a lot when I lived in California but it's odd not having the option to go if I wanted. Glad you guys had a great time.

    By Blogger Rebecca, At May 09, 2007 12:20 PM  

  • Oh my that crab looks fantastic. I'm addicted to the show "Most Dangerous Catch". We don't get any fresh seafood in CO at all(frozen only). I miss the fresh stuff we used to get off the docks when I lived in Texas. It was so much better, really not even close to the frozen mush they pass off as shrimp here....

    By Blogger Dave Scott, At May 09, 2007 12:31 PM  

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