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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gettin 'er done

I somehow got some of my shit together and got some stuff done today--not all work related, but at least I stopped procrastinating here is

.:Called Grandmother who is in hospital with new hip to check in

.:Paid some of credit card bill

.:Paid Cable Bill

.:Posted Mother's day card

.:Wrote check to former therapist who I unfortunately still owe piles of money. It is a shame cause I feel not at all that much better than before I went to see him and of course he didn't take insurance. Asshole.
.:Started arranging how exactly I am getting back to Canada.
.:Actually read all the info on the Family Medical Leave Act that my father in law printed out for me...might actually apply this afternoon.
.:Got some of my work off my desk.
.:Made a list of all the crap D and I need to bring with us for going down the shore this weekend.
.:Looked up who the hell Peter Bjorn and John are since I am going to see them tonight. Greg's boyfriend bailed on him so he is taking me. I haven't ever heard their music before.



  • My Dear,

    I am glad to see you have your feelings in check about your therapist. LOL!!!

    I'll be back to bloggerland soon....


    By Anonymous melissa, At May 03, 2007 5:06 PM  

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