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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm a wiener..I mean winner!

I have been trying to put positive feelings out there lately in the hopes that things come back to me (a la Secret) Yesterday Mari and I went to lunch at the mexican place downstairs and I dropped my business card into the "win a free lunch" box at the door. This morning someone called and I won lunch for 12 people! YEE freaking HAW! I am really excited. Of course it comes with a hitch which is we have to listen to a 5 minute presentation from Ameritrade, but whatever free lunch is worth a sales pitch. So I am going to keep putting out feelings of "I am a winner and I like to win things" and hope that next time the Lotto is in the millions it comes back to me as well :)
I am having a hard time getting things done at work lately. I think I have mentally checked out in a way and I am just waiting to move on. Isn't that awful? I have actually had to bust my butt a bit today cause I am taking Friday off and it would be nice if it wasn't completely obvious by then that I haven't been doing things all week. I started a list of things I have to get on and I think that it's going ok. By no means am I on top of it, but I called and spoke with my immigration lawyer this morning, went and dropped off documentation of my marriage. And then I started doing "important" things like looking up tricks for using my camera. D and I are going down to the shore this weekend and I really want to take some awesome sunset shots. I borrowed Mari's tripod, but I would like to learn how to actually use my camera other than in Automatic Mode.


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